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Sierra Helada Natural Park
(Maritime and terrestrial park)

The Sierra Helada Natural Park runs from the cove of Finestrat in Benidorm to the tip of Toix in Altea and occupies 4,920 sea-farms.


Benidorm Bay, Benidorm Island, Sierra Helada, Albir, Altea Bay, Mediana Island, Olla Island and Morro de Toix belong to the park.


With the Marina Nautical Charter you can travel the whole park in 4 or 5 hours, the furthest point is 1h navigation, is the Island of Benidorm.


For those who want to take the day with more peace, bathing, snorkeling, taking pictures, etc. We have longer rents of 8h and 10h, so you do not have any corner of the park to explore.

The base port is located inside the Natural Park of Sierra Helada and our boats do not need previous knowledge of navigation, you can manulate our airboats without any license, title or license.

We recommend you visit:

Cay l'Olla


Small island in the bay of Altea bay of La Olla, located 400m from the coast is a place of visit swimmers and boats

Historically it has been a landmark for fishing boats and trade since Roman times, which makes its landscape value to join the archaeological and environmental. Until recently the castles of San Lorenzo fire were held

Cala del Raco del Corb


Cala Collao is located north of Morro de Toix, in the town of Calpe ,  also known as Racó del Corb is a small unspoilt cove composed of sand, gravel and boulders where we can spend a day without anyone us bother, because this beautiful cove is only accessible by sea.

Cala Collao or Racó del Corb is an idyllic beach for lovers of diving and fishing as it has some interesting funds and an animated marine life and incredible views of the Morro de Toix.



Serra Gelada / Sierra Frost

The Natural Park of La Serra Gelada and coastal environment is one of the most unique of Valencia to be first terrestrial marine park of this community. It has a total protected 5,564 ha. (Of which 4,920 hectares correspond to the marine environment) and within its waters can find some of the most interesting and surprising underwater areas around the peninsular Mediterranean, highlighting the vast meadows of seagrass protected locally known as Alguers (oceanic Posidonia) and rocky bottoms, such as La Llosa with exceptional biological diversity.

Illa Mitjana / Middle Island


Also known as Peñas de Arabi, the Mitjana profile is an island curiously similar to the nearby island of Benidorm, though significantly smaller. A little more than 3 miles from the port of Altea at the foot of the Serra Gelada, this enclave gives us a new opportunity to enjoy a variety and quantity of unusual life. It gets its name because it is the median between Benidorm Island (the largest) and the island of Altea (small).



Benidorm Island


Benidorm Island is a small island off the coast of Benidorm. It has a high ecological, landscape and environmental interest. It is located about two nautical miles from the port of Benidorm. Currently it has no stable population. In 1834 the island served as a refuge for families in Benidorm and Villajoyosa several, fled from their populations to a cholera epidemic. Centuries earlier, the pirates used it as a base for attacks on coastal populations.



Calpe Rock


The "Ifach" symbol of the Costa Blanca, rises in the sea like calcareous rock of about 50,000 m2 to 332 m. tall and one kilometer long. Earthed by a narrow isthmus, it is the product of a slip of the nearby "Sierra de Oltà" constitute one of the most unique geographical features and beauty of the entire Mediterranean coast.

It is one of the most visited natural areas, meeting point for divers, climbers and hikers.



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